Toyota Safety Sense

How Investing in a New Toyota with Toyota Safety Sense™ Allows you to Help Make Philadelphia Area Roads Safer for Everyone

Toyota has long set the bar for automotive safety, delivering resilient and highly reliable vehicles model year after model year -- and at a reasonable price. Now new Toyota safety is becoming smarter, giving drivers additional peace of mind in the form of a suite of advanced safety systems called Toyota Safety Sense™ (TSS). This bundle of active technologies includes five unique driver assistance features that work to make roads safer for both the drivers of TSS-equipped vehicles as well as the drivers next to them on the road. TSS doesn't merely lessen the impact of collisions; these features are designed to prevent car accidents altogether. And that's something crowded Conshohocken, Trevose, Center City and Langhorne area roads can certainly benefit from.

You can find out more about how these five TSS features work below:

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

  • Toyota enhances conventional cruise control with preset following distance feature that autonomously adjusts driving speed in order to avoid frontal collisions due to slowed traffic.
  • The system uses forward-sensing radar technology and a camera to determine the space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • The vehicle will automatically adjust your speed accordingly and return it to your set cruising speed when traffic clears.

Pedestrian Detection

  • This system can sense the difference between cars and pedestrians and will alert you when a person is in your path of travel.
  • It uses millimeter-wave radar with a camera which recognizes shapes.
  • When the vehicle senses an impending collision with a human obstacle, the system will emit an audible alert and display a visual notification for the driver.
  • If no action is taken by the driver, the Pre-Collision System takes over, automatically braking to avoid impact.

Auto High Beams

  • Automatic high-beam adjustment works to improves visibility during nighttime driving.
  • The system uses a camera to detect oncoming vehicles' headlights.
  • The vehicle them switches between low and high beams accordingly, giving you a clear line of sight regardless in an instant.

Lane Departure Alert

  • This feature helps driver maintain their intended path of travel.
  • It uses specialized camera to detect painted lines on the road.
  • Drivers will receive both audible and visual alerts when drifting out of their lane.

Pre-Collision System

  • This collision-avoidance system autonomously reacts to prevent frontal car accidents.
  • It gathers information from forward-facing radar and a camera to determine if a collision in imminent.
  • When an impending collision is detected, the system gives the driver audible and visual warnings and begins braking assistance.
  • Without a prompt response form the driver, the vehicle applies full braking power.

TSS availability varies by model, so we suggest working alongside our knowledgeable Sloane Toyota of Philadelphia sales staff to find the specific Toyota vehicle that suits your technological needs. We can even help you make investing in advanced safety systems more affordable with a variety of tailored Toyota lease programs. Feel free to drop by the dealership to learn more.

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