As you search for a new car, truck, SUV, or minivan near Northeast Philadelphia, you may be dreading the decision between buying and leasing it. We know that the struggle to decide between these two options is very real for many car shoppers. Some of the angst stems from the fact that they don't feel they have enough information to make an educated decision. Luckily, you never have to make this choice alone. If you are currently struggling with the choice of buying or leasing, the finance center at Sloane Toyota of Philadelphia, located at 1546 Cottman Avenue in Philadelphia, PA, is here to assist you.

The Reasons You Should Consider Leasing

While a Toyota lease is typically entered into by someone who drives fewer than 15,000 miles a year, the truth is that it is an option that can work for a wide variety of people. Many lessees are also drivers who are not interested in personalizing their vehicles. Many folks come to us from Trevose, PA because they are attracted to the benefits of leasing.

You can get a low monthly payment, while driving a new Toyota car, truck, SUV, or minivan. Additionally, you can turn in that car every few years to get the newest model with all of the latest features. There is also the perk of having warranty coverage for the time that you have the vehicle.

Discover the Reasons to Finance

While leasing is growing in popularity with car shoppers in Center City, PA and beyond, there are still many folks who find themselves preferring an auto loan. The folks in Langhorne, PA that tend to enjoy financing their next vehicle are people who have unpredictable driving schedules. They also hate the idea of having to shop for a new car every few years.

Like leasing, getting an auto loan for your car, truck, SUV, or minivan also has a host of benefits. For example, once you pay off your car loan, you will have equity that you can use to trade for a new vehicle. Some folks also enjoy the freedom that they feel from mileage restrictions. Similarly, there is also no liability for damage fees when you have an auto loan for your vehicle.

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Sloane Toyota of Philadelphia, in Philadelphia, PA, is your resource for all things regarding your auto financing options. Apply for credit with us, or get in touch with our finance professionals, so you can discover all of the options we have to offer you today.

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