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Toyota To Launch New Prius In Japan

Toyota is no stranger to widening the appeal of their lauded hybrid, the Prius. This year, the Japanese automaker began introducing new models to a Prius family of cars, and their appeal ranges from greater cargo room to more fuel economy. Down the line, Toyota even has plans to introduce a more compact variant of the Prius. In other words, there really is a Prius for everyone.

Okay, maybe not quite everyone... After all, there…

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Create Your Own Camry Effect

Toyota has created a way for Camry lovers in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond to share their experiences of ownership. It's known as the Camry Effect, this new site allows those who currently own, have previously owned, or even simply ridden in a Toyota Camry to share their experience with the world.

A user answers a series of questions to help create your own 'Camry Effect,' and you can even share the results…

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