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6 More Hybrids to Come From Toyota

Toyota has already established itself as a leader in the hybrid car market. The celebrated Toyota Prius is the best selling hybrid of all time.

 Competitors all want a piece of the hybrid market and, perhaps in response to competitors hybrid offerings, Toyota has announced that they will be releasing six more hybrid vehicles by 2012. The company has yet to reveal...
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Prius to Make Artificial Noise at Low Speeds

The Toyota Prius has done a lot to advance hybrid technology and driving efficiency. The Prius gets great gas mileage, has plenty of room and runs smooth. They are also very quiet at low speeds. Normally this would be appreciated, but the Prius, and other hybrids...
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2010 Toyota 4Runner Trail: A True Off Road SUV

With many SUVs quickly becoming "crossovers" the 2010 Toyota 4 Runner Trail is holding it down in the off road department. The body-on-frame construction keeps the truck appearance while the interior is slightly higher tech, but no less functional. The buttons and knobs are large and easy to manipulate in bumpy conditions or while...
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