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Toyota Glass Blocks UV Rays

"Toyota has invented an innovative glass technology that claims to reduce ultraviolet (UV) light penetration into the front of the car by approximately 99 per cent," according to reports. Yes, not only does a company like Toyota care about your miles per gallon, and safety, but they even want to protect you from skin cancer!

"Combined with UV-reducing windscreens, the use of the new front-door glass will result in an approximate 99 per cent reduction…
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Toyota Plans To Produce 11 More Hybrids by 2013

Toyota, the company that introduced Prius to the world and is recognized for its green technology, is planning on introducing 11 new and improved hybrid models by 2013. Toyota currently sells eight hybrids in the US, split between the Toyota and Lexus nameplates. By September, it's commitment to releasing six new models before 2012.

Toyota also plans to release a fuel cell hybrid in Japan, sometime before the beginning of 2015. The automaker has…
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